Bank of Ghana to Pilot the e-Cedi

Dr Ernst Addison, announced a four stage program to delivering the e-Cedi: 1) Design, 2) Implementation, 3) Pilot, 4) Feasibility. He said the design was “quite far” to completion and the implementation was being be examined. 


Monetary Policy Committee

In 2019, the BoG announced the planned sandbox for the e-Cedi. In 2015 the Payments Oversight document was published describing flows via the Ghana interbank settlement system.

Ghana is a progressive nation, often ranked within the top three African nations for freedom of speech. 20 percent of the world’s coca is produced in Ghana. 

Payments Oversight

  • GIS
  • CCC
  • GACH
  • e-zwich
  • gh-link
  • mobile money
  • FMI
  • BIS

World Bank Payments


The Planned e-Cedi

“In an increasingly digitized environment, the Bank of Ghana has evaluated its role in a digital
economy. The Central Bank is in discussion with key stakeholders to explore a pilot project (in a
sandbox environment) on central bank digital currency with the possibility of issuing the e-cedi in
the near future.”

Sandbox | Press Release

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