“Security tokens represent the next generation of electronic trading. They are stocks, bonds, funds, and other securities taking the form of tokens on a blockchain rather than physical certificates or some other form. Using blockchain technology as the foundation on which securities are built, managed, and traded yields important efficiencies, such as fractionalisation and reduced settlement times – from the market norm of two working days to instant.” The Payers


Security tokens are tokens which provide ownership and voting rights over a security. These tokens are different to the original utility tokens which allowed for a service to be used (eg travel, or viewing videos). 

Addx is a platform tokenizing bonds, securities, and hedge funds. It rebranded from iSTOX.

Addx has an app entitled “Your Entry to Private Markets Investment” on the Play Store with 100+ downloads; with 5 stars. 

The security token market has long been forecast with numerous predictions about tokenizing real-estate and many more assets to create liquidity in illiquid assets.

So far, security tokenization is still very small compared to the quadrillion dollar size of the securities market.

The Addx website shows logos from Bloomberg, CNBC and the WSJ.



By cryptorocks_editor