Financial Inclusion 

Jordan has a program – National Financial Inclusion Program – aimed at increasing financial inclusion numbers. The target of 50 percent was reached in 2020.

Financial inclusion is a key element of CBDCs considerations. The CBJ also is working on the G2P (government to person) payments which is part of a broader digital payment infrastructure. 

The National Aid Fund (NAF) is shifting physical cash payments to wallets (mobile) which is part of a more general digital framework infrastructure in Jordan. 

JoMoPay now operates in Jordan. The interoperability question between wallets and e-money; and bank accounts is being addressed.

The CBJ has been promoting e-wallets and now 1.2 million in Jordan have them.

Before CBDC can be addressed more in Jordan, some of the core infrastructure for wallets, digitization, and trust in the population will have to be worked out. Trust is a key factor in any currency, and the Jordanian population should feel comfortable with e-wallets and later CBDCs for a CBDC plan to work.


By cryptorocks_editor