Cuban Currencies

The Central Bank of Cuba controls monetary policy. The country is subject to sanctions and the entire currency situation is confused and in turmoil.

There were officially two currencies (CUC and the CUP) with the CUC used only in Cuba and pegged to the USD. The CUC was withdrawn in early 2021 and MLC stores using cards for USD purchases were the main way to access USD values.

Financial inclusion is a priority for the central bank. The poverty imposed by the current system is understood and there is an effort to implement reform. 

Mobile penetration rates are just over 50%. That is a good sign of at least people being able to access digital currency.

“Studies on financial inclusion at the international level show that currently it is necessary to achieve more inclusive banking systems, a purpose that Cuba has in its economic and social development policy until 2030, hence the importance of diagnosing the real situation of Financial inclusion in the country, which allows designing future strategies from banking institutions, contributing to the guarantee of social equity and sustainable development.” Central Bank of Cuba


By cryptorocks_editor