• Low cost cross-border transactions
  • Currency substitution in emerging economies
  • Interoperability
  • Anonymity for users for low value transactions
  • Offline payments
  • Smart Card

The Digital Euro

Internationalism and the Euro

The ECB has produced a lot of material about the CBDC subject and the likely digital Euro or d-euro. 

In an international report, the prospect of anonymity with smart cards, and low cost cross-border payments is discussion. 

DLTs are briefly discussed in regards to project stellar.

There is an expected rollout plan for 4 years from the end of 2021 for a digital euro. 

The report discusses how the euro could replace currencies in developing nations via dollar “digitization” process. 

This could further move the world to a single currency, or a currency backed by a central authority. This extends the currency reserve ideas which makes the USD so important today.

M1 is about 10 trillion Euros. For the USD it is about 18 trillion USD, by comparison. 

The ECB is part of the Eurosystem which consists of the EU national banks. 

By cryptorocks_editor