“Stable Coins (CBDC) are coins that are analogous to fiat currencies, including Central Banks Digital Currencies.” NBKR

Financial Inclusion

The NBKR has considered the CBDC in the context of law. Notes about a draft act were published. It seeks to define different cryptoassets and groups stablecoins with CBDCs.

The Kyrgyz Republic has a lot of remittances as overseas income and clearly a digital infrastructure would assist that country.

As with most developing nations, financial inclusion is a key objective. The NBKR published a document addressing financial inclusion.

This evidence does show a rise in the banked, and access to more digital services.

WP/20/186 from the IMF does address some financial aspects especially access to finance.

There is no specific evidence of CBDC development. The actual benefits would be keenly felt due to lower costs and financial inclusion.

The KGS has been pegged to the USD unofficially to control inflation.




By cryptorocks_editor