CBDCs Underway

The BRH is reported as having a strong interest in CBDCs. In a video interview the Governor confirmed that 2022 will see the testing of CBDCs in Haiti. 

He also confirmed that financial inclusion was the main objective in launching a CBDC; second to a dynamic payment system.

Haiti is a largely a cash economy which has a high unbanked population. During times of natural disaster ths lack of digital payments has been an issue for example in 2010 when Haiti had an earthquake hit.






Travaux en cours au niveau du cadre legal : Banque à Distance, Système de paiements….mais, il faut un choix préalable d’un système de diffusion/stockage de la Gourde digitale parmi les systèmes sous étude actuellement à la Banque. .” BRH  


By cryptorocks_editor