Djibouti has heard the call for improved services, and is committed to using the tools of e-government to respond to it,” said Ilyas Moussa, Djibouti’s Minister of Economy and Finance in-charge of Industry. “Working in partnership with the World Bank, we have developed a strategy for modernizing our public administration and reaping the benefits of greater transparency, inclusion and efficiency offered by digital technology.

Digital Currency

This nation uses the Djiboutian Franc which is pegged to the USD.

The central bank sets out its own duties. There are no statements about CBDCs or digital currency.

Djibouti has been involved in digital transformation via the Public Administration Modernization Project.

There is a single company which has a monoploy in Telecoms.

There is no automatic clearing, and the NPS (national payment system) is dependent on cash.

The world bank reported on improvements in the NPS for this counttry.

Internet coverage is at 55% with mobile connections at 43 percent.

As the US Fed implements CBDCs, then probably countries such as Djibouti will be able to also implement as they are pegged to the USD, but a digital improvement is needed in the country’s infrastructure.



By cryptorocks_editor