“On the topic of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), the SBV Governor said that, according to BIS’s assessment, most of the countries in the world are still in the research stage, while a few countries have started with the testing on a narrow scope. At the Meeting, the BIS provided a relatively in-depth perspective on the research and choice of the CBDC model. These are useful and valuable updates for ASEAN Central Banks and Monetary Authorities for their research on this new field.” SBV

Vietnamese Dong

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) maintains monetary policy. The national currency is the Dong (VND). It is loosely pegged to the USD via a crawling peg.

The SBV has made some comment about CBDCs indicating in 2020 it was a research field.

Any CBDC work could involve a large software company in Vietnam called FPT. FPT was involved in akachain which uses Hyperledger Fabric.

The FPT has worked before with the SBV.

85% of the people are banked in Malaysia. 

The SBV has no clear stated path for CBDCs but they would benefit the SBV especially for financial inclusion.














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