“In his opening speech, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh stressed that digital transformation is ‘inevitable’, warning that the countries that will not be unable to keep pace with digital transformation would be left behind. He further pointed out that transformation should be achieved in three main directions: digital learning, digital economy and digital government, but most importantly, he affirmed, every citizen should know how to manage digital knowledge and its tools.” TAG

Central Bank of Syria

Syria has the Syrian Pound.

The World Bank has reported on the struggle in Syria which has caused immeasureable harm.

Amid this there is no working site for the Central Bank. 

There is no evidence of a CBDC or any structure to maintain a digital inclusion program.

Loss due to warring in Syria is estimated to be 226 billion dollars.

The need to digitize is recognised under a title – “Syria and Digital Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges’

There is no clear evidence of CBDC implementation.










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