Bogota and Blockchains

“With an investment of $ 2,800 million, this project will strengthen 100 companies. Those who participate in this program will receive advice to implement this technology within their company. Likewise, they can be part of the Blockchain academy where they will strengthen their knowledge and soft skills.” Bogota

Startup Money

Bogota offers 2.3 million USD for startups. There is a blockchain Hub option.

Cointelegraph reported this.




China’s on-chain settlement – RMB

Digital renminbi wages are issued on an agency basis. This business uses the Blockchain Fund Payment Platform in Xiong’an New District to pay wages in the form of digital renminbi to the builders of spring afforestation projects, which also marks the smooth landing of the country’s first blockchain and digital renminbi application scenario.”

Digital RMB

In the latest announcement, China claims to be using blockchain technology to pay wages.

Xiong’an is a major construction locality employing some 160,000 construction staff. It is 27,000 hectres and has 3,800 enterprises already registered.

There is a high speed rail link to the capital (in 50 minutes).

Construction use cases have been seen as good targets for blockchain solutions due to the difficulties in getting payments for subcontractors.

A digital solution enables contracts to be linked into payments. The CBDC implementation takes that a stage further allowing subcontractors to be paid directly in fiat currency. It uses the Blockchain Fund Payment Platform.

Part of the design for Xiong’an in the Hebei Province is to an “intelligent city” focusing on global talent. It is a self-sufficient city by design. This has had major investment.








Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

The HKMA announced it will research more into CBDC as part of a five point roadmap leading into 2025. HKMA is working with the BIS to study the e-HKD.

The HKMA already is working with the PBoC to support testing of the e-CNY to help enable cross-border payments.

The HKMA is working on both wholesale and retail based solutions.

Hong Kong has a GDP of 341 billion USD making it #33 in the world. But the GDP per capita is 61k USD ranking it #12 in the world (above the USA).

 The HKD is pegged to the USD.




Project Jura

Project Jura

  • DLT Platform
  • Part of a CBDC direction
  • Euro Wholesale CBDC
  • Swiss Franc CBDC

Cross-Border Settlements


The long-standing interest of the Swiss National Bank and the Banque of France again showed CBDC direction with an experimental whole CBDC system for cross-border settlements. This system is with a consortium (Credit Suisse, Natixis, R3, SIX, and UBS).

This experiment (Jura) is a further extension of the interest of these central banks in CBDCs.


Senate Banking Committee – CBDC

Senate Banking Committee and the CBDC Prospect

The Committee heard from witnesses about the possible role of a CBDC in the USA. Witnesses were both for an against and they highlighted the failure of cryptocurrencies due to high levels of price volatility and the sheltering aspect for illegal trade.

The only real consensus was that a Chinese style CBDC which would be used for suveillance would not be viable in the USA. There was some evidence about the MIT project with the Fed Reserve of Boston. 

There were views that a payment system should be competitive and hence in private hands; but the members seem to all agree the current system was too costly and slow – it needed reform.

There was also some evidence about the Digital Dollar project


Building A Stronger Financial System: Opportunities of a Central Bank Digital Currency.” The witnesses will be: Dr. Neha Narula, Director, Digital Currency Initiative, MIT; Mr. Lev Menand, Academic Fellow and Lecturer in Law, Columbia Law School; The Honorable J. Christopher Giancarlo, Senior Counsel, Willkie Farr & Gallagher; and Dr. Darrell Duffie, Adams Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Finance, Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


Solana Investment

“The next phase is onboarding a billion users. Solana was built from the ground up to accommodate this scale. With this funding, Solana Labs is now positioned to bring in the right partners and capital to build products and tooling to get there.” Anatoly Yakovenko, Solana Labs Co-Founder and CEO.

Solana Investment

Solana has secured 314 million dollars of investment.

This was led by the established investment firm Andreessen Horowitz which has invested heavily in  crypto ventures, via a current team of more than 20 investment specialists. 

Solana aims to reach a billion users to take crypto into a new age of scalability.

Solana uses a Proof of History. This enables a more efficient network and hence TPS rates are higher than mainstream competitors.

Solana does offer grants to help startups build applications using Rust smart contracts. 

Solana also has announced an IDO exchange based on Solana for IDOs. 



Sotheby’s Decentraland Gallery

“We see spaces like Decentraland as the next frontier for digital art where artists, collectors and viewers alike can engage with one another from anywhere in the world and showcase art that is fundamentally scarce and unique, but accessible to anyone for viewing. We are having fun exploring new facets of the digital art world through our collaboration with the Decentraland community.” Michael Bouhanna, Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s and NFTs

Sotheby’s has opened up a galley in virtual space with Metaverse to launch more NFTs.

The latest one is the collection of artworks co-curated with Robert Alice. 

This follows the pre-sale estimate of Quantum via Sotheby’s of 140K GBP.

During April this year, Sotheby’s has success with 17 million pounds raised with the sale of a NFT collection called “The Fungible” via Nifty Gateway.

Metaverse ETP is charted at Coinbase and described as Blockchain-as-a-Service.


Cathie Wood and 21Shares

Crypto ETPs

ETPs have existed for 30 years and a new asset class within crypto – the crypto ETP – is emerging.

Interest grew in this class when savvy investor Cathie Woods joined 21Shares.

21shares has 2 billion dollars under management (AUM).

Investment was also announced from Anthony Pompliano.

Cathie known as “Money Tree” in some circles has attracted more than 50 billion dollars of investment into Ark Invest.

“21Shares is forging a new path for crypto ETPs by leading with research and a keen understanding of this developing asset class.” Cathie Wood


DBS & an STO

DBS – first STO on DDEx

The Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) had issued its first STO. This was done via its exchange called DDEx.

The DBS has revenues of 14.5 billion SGD (10.8 billion USD) and the DBS believes tokenization will enter the mainstream for securities.

DDEx launched in late 2020, and today holds 85 million SGD in digital assets (custody service).

CEO Piyush Gupta was cautious on crypto asset trade saying the bank would test the markets and “figure it out.”



“Our maiden STO listing on the DBS Digital Exchange is a significant milestone, as it highlights the strength of our digital asset ecosystem in facilitating new ways of unlocking value for issuers and investors.” Eng-Kwok Seat Moey, DBS 


Security Tokens & Addx

“Security tokens represent the next generation of electronic trading. They are stocks, bonds, funds, and other securities taking the form of tokens on a blockchain rather than physical certificates or some other form. Using blockchain technology as the foundation on which securities are built, managed, and traded yields important efficiencies, such as fractionalisation and reduced settlement times – from the market norm of two working days to instant.” The Payers


Security tokens are tokens which provide ownership and voting rights over a security. These tokens are different to the original utility tokens which allowed for a service to be used (eg travel, or viewing videos). 

Addx is a platform tokenizing bonds, securities, and hedge funds. It rebranded from iSTOX.

Addx has an app entitled “Your Entry to Private Markets Investment” on the Play Store with 100+ downloads; with 5 stars. 

The security token market has long been forecast with numerous predictions about tokenizing real-estate and many more assets to create liquidity in illiquid assets.

So far, security tokenization is still very small compared to the quadrillion dollar size of the securities market.

The Addx website shows logos from Bloomberg, CNBC and the WSJ.